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At TransPrice, we can help you in your global transfer pricing strategy that starts with setting up business in India or taking your business outside India. You can leave your global structuring worry with us and focus on doing business worldwide. We can design, document and defend (before tax and higher authorities) the global tax and business structure suitable to your business needs. We act as your effective partner for regulatory and corporate solutions. We can also help you connect and liaise with the right solution provider, acting as a SPOC for your business needs. TransPrice is an Indian tax firm with its core focus on transfer pricing and international taxation. TransPrice is headquartered at Mumbai, India offering competencies in Indian and Global Transfer Pricing solutions. We take pride in delivering optimum Transfer Pricing support for our clients. We provide solutions for Multinationals that fully support their business strategies, that are simple to apply along with being compliant. Trusted by multinationals around the group, our simplistic approach with objective outcomes have been instrumental in crafting winning transfer pricing and tax models which have stood the test of scrutiny. We advocate specialization and believe that focus is vital for an expert advice, especially in the field of Transfer Pricing.

Helping multinationals
in effective cross border taxation and ease of doing business

Building blocks and structures inspire us. ‘Building Blocks’ is probably the first game that we played as a toddler. As we grow with our life experiences, we often forget the simple principles that the game taught us and enter the complexities through which we take our business in its life cycle.

Principles of building a solid foundation, planning, perfection, balance, excellence, meticulousness, passion symbolizes the excellence that TransPrice offers its clients. All these principles were used when we played the game of ‘Building Blocks’. This is what is needed to operate a globally spread business.

At TransPrice, we strive to be the best in our profession. That starts with creating an environment that empowers employees. An environment in which everyone is given the space to excel and to focus entirely on the core. We serve our customers wherever they are to be found in the world and whenever needed. This is how we can meet the claim that we supply perfect solutions for our clients.

Please send us an e-mail at or give us a call on +91 22 25935424  to find out how we can support you.

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When we are asked to defend the use of an existing transfer pricing model, design a new model, or document intercompany transactions
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Founder and Practice Lead
Akshay Kenkre

The dream to get India closer to the world has been the foundation for building TransPrice as a specialised Indian tax firm. We are a gateway for the global businesses to reach the Indian potential and for the Indian multinationals to explore their opportunities world-wide. With a focus on cross-border taxation, we bring in specialisation and experience in the field of transfer pricing and international taxation, resulting in to effective and tax efficient solutions for our clientele.  As a leader, my vision is to inspire and bring out best of Indian intellect and act as an incubator to the growth of budding professionals in the field of taxation, eventually adding to the nation building.

From a client perspective I want the firm to offer priceless perfection, which helps TransPrice to position itself in the top league of firms offering cross-border taxation solutions and as an preferred option to our clients.

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Helping Multinationals in Effective Cross Border Taxation
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