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McDonald’s has agreed to pay €1.25 billion in Fines and Taxes in France

Mc Donald’s has agreed to pay Euro 1.25 billion in fines (Euro 508 million) and tax settlement ( Euro 737 million) to avoid legal cases over tax evasion, and tax avoidance between 2009 and 2020. Investigators had since 2014 been probing whether fees paid by McDonald’s French operation to its European parent company in Luxembourg for use …

Significant Economic presence Test – India Update

By Mit Gaglani – Sr. Manager – TransPrice The CBDT vide notification number 41 /2021/ F. No. 370142/11/2018-TPL issued on 3rd May, 2021 has announced the thresholds for the purposes of Significant Economic Presence (“SEP”) by inserting Rule 11UD in the Income-tax Rules, 1962. The revenue threshold is INR 2 crore and the user threshold …

Top Secret to Avoid Transfer Pricing Dispute – Works Every Time

Transfer pricing is an effective tool to allocate profits across the value chain globally so that every tax jurisdiction in the value chain is remunerated with an equitable and fair distribution of taxes. This article is not for the corporations that believe in transfer mispricing and adopts tax avoidance strategies. The beneficiaries of this piece […]

How to Set Transfer Price in Covid – the OECD Way (18 Key Takeaway)

On 18th December 2020, OECD issued a guidance on transfer pricing implications during COVID 19. The guidance is the consensus view of 137 members of the Inclusive Framework of BEPS regarding application of OECD Transfer pricing Guidelines (TPG). The guidance is meant for the taxpayers as well as tax administrations, that would help both of […]

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