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Transfer Pricing And Intangibles – Value Analysis

Intangibles constitute a substantial and major portion of transfer pricing issues on hand. They are extremely crucial in a Multinational (MNE) environment, however, their importance is often undermined to their inherent characteristics which may include easy mobility, misidentification and most importantly non-availability of set principles to assign values to such intellectual properties. Supply Chain and […]

Draft Amendments In Indian Permanent Establishment Rules – Equitable Or Abstract?

Background India has touched upon the taxability of profits of Permanent Establishment (‘PE’) in its international tax treaties under ‘Article 7’. Currently, profits of PE are determined based on its books of accounts considering it as a separate and distinct entity or in case of non-preparation of the same, apportionment is to be done on […]

What Is Global Transfer Pricing?

Transfer Pricing as a subject means undertaking global international transactions between the related parties (we call it associated enterprises), at a value which is as per the market conditions (Arm’s Length Price), so that the profit allocations between the countries is fair and appropriate. Due to the close relationships, there could be certain influences on […]

The Story Of Interim Budget- 2019

Snapshot of India’s development path The years gone by: With the reforms and positive changes brought about by the current Government, it is truly a golden age for the Indian economy. Ushering in stability in the nation, transformation in all sectors, cleanliness in pecuniary terms by demonetization as well as in literal terms through […]

Transfer Pricing – Gliding Through The Fundamentals

What is ‘Transfer Pricing’? ‘Transfer Pricing’ is an art and science of determining the value of transactions that take place between entities of the same multi-national group. It involves the consideration of economic factors to perfectly balance a corporation’s and tax authority’s interest in terms of profitability and taxation. Why ‘Transfer Pricing’ in ‘Taxes’? Earlier, […]

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