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5 Tips For Effective Transfer Pricing Compliance

As the Indian transfer pricing compliance season is around the corner, I am sure, many multinational companies along with the Chartered Accounts would be occupied in justifying and certifying the transfer prices for the company undertaken in FY 2017-18. Here are the top 5 tips for an effective transfer pricing season for the MNC as […]

Is It Compulsory For My Foreign Company To File Income Tax Returns In India…

Taxes are one of the funniest parts of serious business. They are sometimes uncertain, interpretative, dynamic or beneficial to a taxpayer (many more adjectives or attributes could be used). One tax and many forms, often make taxes as one of the complex subjects to understand. Even Albert Einstein laid down his arms before taxes and […]

Intra-Group Service Payments – Tax Risk Mitigation Approach Vs. Tax Litigation Approach

In the globalised world, every multinational enterprise (MNE) would like to work on their strengths to enable efficient and successful supply chain management. In the current scenario, business is not only provision of goods and services to the ultimate external customer, but also provision of such goods and services to the internal customer. In a […]

Critical Analysis – Google India – Adword – Royalty Case

1. The case with regard to the Google AdWord by the Bangalore ITAT could be categorised as a judgement that could have far-reaching effects on the digital economy in India. The judgement and the interpretation of business scenario need to be understood simplistically removing all the technical jargons and marrying the facts of the case […]

“In The Business Of Making Loss” With Special Reference To Taxation Of The Flipkart Deal

The energetic rise of multi-national e-commerce businesses: With the advent of internet a few decades ago, the online marketplace has gained an impetus in recent years, thereby revolutionizing the B2B, B2C and C2C transactions. As a consequence, the hassles of physical limitations, investment of time and boundaries among the nations have been eliminated. Such […]

Tax Avoidance Is Legal- Did You Know That?

When the subject is perceived to be dry, it is imperative to have a catchy headline. In this knowledge bite, we are focusing on the concept of juggled words and meaning between tax planning, evasion, avoidance and the newly coined term ‘Aggressive tax planning’ What is tax evasion? Tax evasion is a complete disregard of […]

5 Key Points While Filing An Income-Tax Return

Visit: The Indian tax system is a compliance-oriented tax system. Which means, after completion of a financial year, a person who has earned any income (i.e Salary | House Property| Business and Profession | Capital Gains |Other Income), must file an Income-tax return to declare such income and assets. Such a compliance is necessary so […]

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