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10 Tax Administration Principles For Any Tax Economy- Arthashastra

“Arthashahtra” is an ancient Indian thesis on nation’s administration, governance, economic policies including external affairs and military tactics, written by Kautilya, widely acclaimed as “Chanakya”. The treatise date back to 3rd Century B.C, which embeds principles to efficiently administer an economy, which still holds the ground when implemented in modern-day economics. Top 10 principles of taxation that […]

A Cousin In London Wanted Some Mangoes And See What It Led To…!!! (Transfer Pricing Story)

Written and conceptualized by my dear friend Mr. Vishal Thakkar (2014). The principles of the article still hold true, so thought of reblogging. Suresh has a thriving business of exporting agri-products to various countries. His vegetables and fruits are well known amongst a lot of stores in various different countries. His business was doing very […]

A Tax Secret For A Successful Global Business (Start-Ups and MNCs)

Business is anything which is done with a motive of profit. It involves trade, commerce, and adventure. Taxes are paid on profits. It is assumed that the level of profit reflects the true value of the business and therefore, ideally the taxes are collected on the current profits. The tax regulation of a country along […]

Transfer Pricing: A Planning Tool or A Compliance Burden?

When one talks ‘Transfer Pricing’, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Transfer Pricing Study Report’ or the ‘Documentation’. For many, transfer pricing as a subject revolves around documentation and meeting the compliance timeline, but seldom think of it as an instrument to effectively plan taxes or structure transactions. Through this article, we aim […]

APA In India, A Potential Tax Risk Management Tool

MNEs think of transfer pricing as the major tax challenge in India. They face numerous audits and court cases on this topic. A new development is that India seems to have embraced the Advanced Pricing Agreement as a tool to discuss and agree on the at arm’s length remuneration upfront. As the name suggests, these agreements […]

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