Mergers and Acquisition

Taxes can have a significant influence over the decisions of stake holders during any forms of Mergers, acquisition or country entry strategy. We can assist clients on sell or buy side or with an entry strategy to achieve desired commercial objectives.

We can assist you in the following manner:

1. At Conceptualisation stage:

  1. Understand detailed business objectives
  2. Advisory on the structures to meet the business objective
  3. Review of business plan
  4. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the concept

2. At structuring stage:

  1. At structuring stage
  2. Analyse industry trends and advise on the most appropriate structure
  3. Connecting with right stake holders and advisors

3. Financial Due- Diligence:

  1. A detailed review of various financial/ tax positions of the seller company
  2. Review of various tax risks and provisions in seller’s contract

4. Execution:

  1. Transaction implementation
  2. Contract assistance from tax perspective
  3. Negotiation support in completion phase
  4. Hand holding from a buy or sell side
  5. Foster smooth tax integration through utilisation of accumulated tax losses and fiscal incentives