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Webinar on Transfer Pricing Adjustments
Webinar on Transfer Pricing Adjustments

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Webinar Details:

Comparability analysis is the life and blood of Transfer Pricing. Selection of comparable companies from the public domain comes with its own set of challenges. While, the uncontrolled entities/transactions could potentially be good comparables but these would never be exact. Thereby, comparability adjustments are essential to even out any material differences having an impact on the price/margins between what is tested (Tested Party) and what is the benchmark (Comparables).

The webinar is expected to meet the following objectives:

  • The ‘Why’ and ‘What’ aspects around comparability adjustments;
  • A snapshot of the Indian Regulations/Global Regulations and Guidelines;
  • Discussions around capacity utilization, working capital and market risks adjustments in detail (along with numerical examples and judicial precedents);
  • A quick overview on other adjustments (Country risk, Accounting Policies and Depreciation);
  • Concluding remarks; and
  • Q&A.

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