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How to tackle a doubled increase in withholding taxes to 20% on Royalties and FTS?

Strategies for managing increased withholding taxes on royalties and FTS for non-resident entities

The Finance Bill 2023 that the Indian parliament passed increased the withholding tax rate under the Income-tax Act, 1961 for payment of Royalties and Fees for Technical Services (FTS) paid to non-residents from 10% to 20%. India is a net importer of technology and high-end services from foreign jurisdictions. In such cases, Indian multinational pays […]

How To Develop A Winning Tax Strategy For Multinationals

Developing a winning tax strategy for multinationals: Global laws, transfer pricing, and tax-efficient structures

Taxation is an essential cost for your business that you should pay attention to. While tax avoidance and evasion are bad in law and spirit, you must ensure that your global corporation does not bleed in taxation. It is the tax cost that you would like to keep tabs on and control to the extent […]

Transfer Pricing in recession times.

Managing transfer pricing and business risks for MNCs during economic downturns: Insights on tax preparation and risk management services

The process of arriving at the fair value of products and services exchanged between connected organisations within a multinational corporation is known as transfer pricing (MNC). The significance of transfer pricing increases during recessions as companies try to manage their tax liabilities and maximise their cash flows. This blog post will examine how MNCs might […]

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