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Terms for use of website - TransPrice Tax
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Terms for use of website

The terms of use apply to all visits and use of the website or any other extension (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Website”) of TransPrice, and to all information, recommendations and services that TransPrice provides you via the Website.

By viewing this Website and accessing the information it provides, users accept the terms of use. In the event that the specific terms and conditions for services conflict with these terms of use, the terms and conditions for those services will prevail.

Information available

The information on this Website is intended to provide general guidance. The information on this Website is not intended to replace any tax advice or other professional advice. Users bear the risk of, and will be responsible for, any financial consequences that may ensue from using the information provided without first obtaining further verification or further advice.

TransPrice at all times has the right to alter the information and data on this Website (including the terms of use) without further notice. We recommend that you regularly check whether the information on this Website, including this terms of use, has been amended in order to keep yourself optimally informed of any changes.

Using this Website

Users of this Website may store, print, analyse, and (partially) copy data and information on this Website solely for their own use. Users of this Website are not permitted to publish, distribute or alter the information provided on this Website, nor are they permitted to provide said information to third parties in any other manner whatsoever, without the prior written permission of TransPrice. TransPrice reserves all rights, including any and all registered property and intellectual property rights, as well as the rights to all unregistered trademarks, copyrights, texts, logos, and all graphics pertaining to the information and services presented on this Website.

Linked sites

Without the prior written permission of TransPrice, third parties are not permitted to include links to this Website on their websites. TransPrice is not liable for the use or content of external sites that link to or from this Website. Third-party links are provided as a convenience to our users. TransPrice does not control and is not responsible for any of these sites or their content and/or the collection and processing of your personal data by third-party websites.


TransPrice does not in any way guarantee the availability of, access to, or use of, this Website. Although TransPrice undertakes to provide up-to-date, correct, and complete information, TransPrice neither explicitly nor implicitly guarantees that the information provided on this Website is up-to-date, correct, and complete. Users of this Website accept that the sole and exclusive responsibility for accessing and using this Website lies with them, as does the responsibility for using any information made available on this Website.

TransPrice does not accept any liability whatsoever for any damages, costs, expenses, or loss of income that either directly or indirectly arise from the fact that the information on this Website has not been maintained, amended, updated or deleted, the failure to properly maintain this Website, from making this Website available to users, or the use of this Website by users or third parties, from being able to access other websites through this Website, or from the proper or improper functioning of the equipment, programming software and/or networks that are used in connection with the access to and use of this Website. This exclusion of liability also extends to members of the board, partners and employees of TransPrice.

TransPrice does not guarantee or warrant the Website will be uninterrupted, without delay, error-free, omission-free, or free of viruses. TransPrice does not guarantee that E-mails or other electronic communications will be received and processed in a timely manner, and does not accept any liability for the consequences of the non-receipt, late receipt, non-processing or late processing of such E-mails or other electronic communications.

TransPrice in no way whatsoever guarantees the security of this Website, particularly with respect to the possibility of whether unauthorized third parties can gain access to the data that users enter via this Website, and whether that information can be intercepted and/or manipulated.


If these terms of use are or become partially invalid, the parties will continue to be bound to the remaining terms. The parties shall replace the invalid terms and achieve as far as possible the intended effect of the invalid terms, taking into account the content and purpose of these terms of use. Applicable law This Website and all information provided on this Website (including these Terms of Use) are governed by Indian law. Any and all disputes that may arise with respect to this Website or the terms of use will be referred exclusively to the Indian court that has jurisdiction to handle such disputes.

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