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Angel Tax update – More ways to now compute your co’s fair share value
Transfer Pricing For Research And Development (R&D) Activities
Transfer Pricing And Regional Trading Blocs: ASEAN, EU, NAFTA
Transfer Pricing And The Digital Services Tax (DST) Landscape
The Role Of Transfer Pricing In Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)
The Evolution Of Transfer Pricing Regulations: A Historical Overview
POEM (Place of Effective Management) and its Relevance under UAE’s Corporate Tax Law
Transfer Pricing and Supply Chain Management: Optimizing Global Operations
Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment: Identifying And Addressing Potential Issues
Transfer Pricing And Base Erosion And Profit Shifting (BEPS): What You Need To Know
Transfer Pricing In The Digital Economy: Trends And Best Practices
Navigating Transfer Pricing Challenges In Cross-Border Transactions
Demystifying Transfer Pricing: A Guide for Businesses
The Crucial Role of Transfer Pricing Planning in the UAE
Navigating The Complexities Of Transfer Pricing: Key Considerations And Best Practices
Transfer Pricing Documentation: A Comprehensive Guide For Compliance
Transfer Pricing Made Simple: Expert Tips For Effective Implementation
Transfer Pricing Dos And Don’ts: Maximizing Value And Minimizing Risk
Transfer Pricing And Intellectual Property: Navigating Royalties And Licensing
Beyond Borders: Potential of Flipped Holding Structures for International Business Expansion
How to tackle a doubled increase in withholding taxes to 20% on Royalties and FTS?
How To Develop A Winning Tax Strategy For Multinationals
Transfer Pricing in recession times.
Angel tax comes back to open up Pandora’s box in transfer pricing.
Top 10 Union Budget expectations on Indian transfer pricing
How to defend Intra-Group service payments in transfer pricing?
The Curious case of taxing Virtual Digital Assets (Cryptocurrencies) in India
UAE adopts Transfer Pricing Regulations
India to gain from Mauritius- Hong Kong Tax deal
Top 10 Reasons why India is the world’s most attractive Investment Destination
After LIBOR, What next?
McDonald’s has agreed to pay €1.25 billion in Fines and Taxes in France
Employee Stock Options – ESOP | The next big thing under the Income-tax scrutiny
The article summarises how the Indian tax authorities are questioning no withholding taxes on ESOP cost
Transfer Pricing is misunderstood – A perspective
Tax TransParency report provides overall visibility on the tax strategies and contribution made by the multinational to the global as well as country economy.
Tax Transparency Report
Tax TransParency report provides overall visibility on the tax strategies and contribution made by the multinational to the global as well as country economy.
India Union Budget | 2022-23
A Booster shot towards a $ 5 trillion economy
European Union Project on Transfer pricing
Microsoft saves USD 620 million in taxes due to the Indian Supreme Court ruling.
Slump Sale – New Tax Rules – Simplified with example
The Indian tax authorities have strengthened the rules around slump sale transaction
An incentive to AIF – GIFT IFSC
Indian government incentivises AIFs to set up under automatic route in GIFT city and overseas.
Significant Economic presence Test – India Update
5 Financial Advice For Entrepreneurs
Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson are my business gurus. They both have touched the epitome of entrepreneurship and have made this world a better place with their respective innovations and enterprising spirit. Yet, their style of entrepreneurship has been poles apart. While one followed an authoritarian way of leadership, Sir Branson followed an inclusive […]
India Equalisation Levy 2.1 (2021 Version)
Whether India Equalisation Levy impacts you
Top Secret to Avoid Transfer Pricing Dispute – Works Every Time
Transfer pricing is an effective tool to allocate profits across the value chain globally so that every tax jurisdiction in the value chain is remunerated with an equitable and fair distribution of taxes. This article is not for the corporations that believe in transfer mispricing and adopts tax avoidance strategies. The beneficiaries of this piece […]
How to Set Transfer Price in Covid – the OECD Way (18 Key Takeaway)
On 18th December 2020, OECD issued a guidance on transfer pricing implications during COVID 19. The guidance is the consensus view of 137 members of the Inclusive Framework of BEPS regarding application of OECD Transfer pricing Guidelines (TPG). The guidance is meant for the taxpayers as well as tax administrations, that would help both of […]
Sharpening the Axe – Transfer Pricing Agreements
Abraham Lincoln quoted as saying “ Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. ” An axe is a strength multiplier. You can be the strongest lumberjack in the world, but with a dull axe, you are no good than a 5 year old. In today’s world […]
Transfer Pricing Agreements
A quick walkthrough on Transfer Pricing Inter Corporate Agreements
Top 2 Causes Of Tax Avoidance
This article provides insights in to main broad causes of tax avoidance
Equalisation Levy 2.0
A quick glance in to India’s new equalisation levy – Digital Economy Taxation
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