Transfer Pricing Design

Planning and Advisory

This is a stage which is undertaken before an International Transaction has been entered between the Associated Enterprises. It involves Transfer Pricing Planning, Price Setting Mechanism and Policy Formation including implementation. Intra group Agreements are also an integral part of the Transfer Pricing design phase. Transfer Pricing design is an essential creation of pipeline for an International Transaction to be entered in near future.

Our solutions in the Transfer Pricing design framework are as follows:

  • Transfer Pricing Advisory
  • Transfer Pricing Policies
  • Transfer Pricing Global Structures
  • Transfer Pricing Setting Mechanisms
  • Structuring of Global Intangibles and Intellectual properties
  • Transfer Pricing of Financial Instruments
  • Indian Transfer Pricing Benchmarking
  • Global Transfer Pricing Benchmarking
  • Group Profit Planning and Management
  • Review of Group Profitability
  • Designing Intra Group Service Charges including Management Fee Charges
  • Planning and designing Royalty Structures and Benchmarking
  • Advisory on Place of Effective Management
  • Advisory on General Anti-Avoidance Rules
  • Transfer Pricing Health Check Up and Desktop Review