Transfer Pricing Dispute Resolution

Planning and Advisory

In Transfer Pricing, the defence mechanism from the Taxpayer’s perspective is an essential element where the Tax Authorities calls for Transfer Pricing Documentation where an Arm’s Length nature of transaction needs to be proven. Such a defence mechanism could be proactive or reactive.

A proactive mechanism includes matters like entering into the ‘Advance Pricing Agreements’ (APA) with the Tax Authorities (Government) for upfront determination of Transfer Pricing for future and ‘Safe Harbour’ regimes where the Taxpayer is expected to maintain minimum profitability as suggested by the Government. It is possible to enter into an Advance Pricing Agreement for the purpose of determination of Transfer Pricing in India for a period of 9 consecutive years out of which 5 years are forward looking and a roll back provision for past 4 years is also included. A reactive Transfer Pricing defence mechanism includes representation before the Transfer Pricing Authorities including detailed submissions on the Transfer Pricing positions and policies. Further it also includes instigation resolution before the Dispute Resolution Panel, Commissioner (Appeals), Tax tribunals, Facilitation at High courts and Supreme Court. Our solution in the Transfer Pricing dispute resolution include:

  • Advance Pricing Agreements
  • Safe Harbour Representations
  • Transfer Pricing File Built-up to be ready for Transfer Pricing Assessments
  • Transfer Pricing Representation along with Strategy Formation
  • Transfer Pricing Litigation Strategy Formation
  • Representations before the Transfer Pricing Authorities
  • Representations at Dispute Resolution Panel along with other appeal levels
  • Representations at Income-Tax Tribunals
  • Facilitations for High Courts and Supreme Court
  • Analysis of Transfer Pricing Risk Profiling