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Transfer Pricing in India

TransPrice is an Indian tax firm with its core focus on transfer pricing and international taxation. TransPrice is headquartered at Mumbai, India offering competencies in Indian and Global Transfer Pricing solutions.

Established in 2013, the firm has now branched out to several tax jurisdictions through its network and partners globally. Over the past years, the firm has provided quality Transfer Pricing and Taxation advice to its esteemed clientele, that has helped the Multinationals to be tax efficient with appropriate risk mitigation. The firm also handholds its clients in getting the right connects to the right advisor for their business needs. We believe that a multinational should focus on its global business, while leaving the regulatory and compliance aspects to our care.

As much as a Multinational Enterprise would like to optimize its tax results, it equally would like to be compliant with transfer pricing and taxation laws of the land for a smooth business operation. We understand that Tax Planning and Compliance are one of the key drivers for any Multinational Corporation.

At TransPrice, we create value with plethora of transfer pricing and tax planning activities that helps you build effective cross border tax structures. Further, with right connects and network of experts in major international tax jurisdictions, TransPrice can provide effective outbound and inbound Transfer Pricing Design, Documentation and Dispute Resolution services.

At TransPrice, we take pride in delivering optimum Transfer Pricing support for our clients. We provide solutions for Multinationals that fully support their business strategies, that are simple to apply along with being compliant. Over the years, we have been instrumental in crafting winning transfer pricing and tax models which have stood the test of scrutiny. Our aim is to excel in customized solutions that you cannot put a price on. Priceless perfection !!

We advocate specialization and believe that focus is vital for expert advice, especially in the field of Transfer Pricing and Taxation.

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Our Team
Our Team

What is an organisation but a collection of people? Take an airline- The aircraft it fits are pretty much the same as its rivals. What sets one airline apart from its peers is its people and their attitude towards their passengers. Similarly, TransPrice as a firm is a people’s organisation where our teams are empowered in a way that they  awe our clients by their level of service and solution delivery. We at TransPrice considers our people as key asset.

We value them, treasure them, while they ensure that our clients get the most apt trusted solutions.

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Have query? Consult with our experts